Are footballers over paid?

I have never dated any professional footballers here at London escorts but I have a couple of colleagues who have met up with a few foreign professionals. To be honest, I cannot believe how much money some of them make. Last year it turned out that Ronaldo made £191 million for playing for Real Madrid and sponsorships. That is totally disgusting and I am not sure that he can justify that. I am sure that he is good but whenever I see him play, he just seems to fall over a lot.

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Some sports people really deserve their earnings, but I am not sure that all footballers do. The girls here at London escorts who have dated footballers say that they are nice people but many of them seem to be in love with themselves. That is really not my type of person. Sure, I am happy to go out with almost anybody but I am not happy in the company of people who seem to be in love with themselves. But then again, I do appreciate that it happens.

It is not only Ronaldo who earns a small fortune. Many players in the UK earn a lot of money as well. Some of them like to meet up with London escorts and I have heard that they are very generous tippers. That is fine with me but I don’t like the fact that they don’t pay tax in the UK. Most of them have set up off shore companies and they don’t pay a penny in tax in the UK. I think that if you earn your money in the UK, you should pay your tax in the UK.

Some footballers behave very badly and that does annoy me. The girls here at London escorts have been telling me about some of the things that these guys get up to. If you like many of them are behaving like 80’s rock stars and think nothing of trashing a hotel room. The owners of the hotels don’t like to say anything to the footballers as they spend so much money in the hotels. I suppose that it is their business but in my opinion, it does not make it right.

I think that footballers should strive to be role models to young people. It is their business that they date London escorts, but I do think that they go over the top with other things. When you look at the, you would have thought that the world revolves around them. They drive around in their fancy cars and try to act like mega stars. Some of them are even married and carry on dating girls from various escort services. It just isn’t right. With fame comes a certain amount of responsibility and I think that we should learn how to handle that. Most footballers are not very good at that. The thing is that kids spend a lot of money on football gear. To walk on with your favorite club can cost you a small fortune.

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