Strippers; A Dance Of Fantasy

Strippers; A Dance Of Fantasy

Strippers have special skills that many women do not. While it doesn’t seem like much to take off your clothes and dance around, it does take a few skills to be able to accomplish that without looking foolish. In order for a stripper to really arouse their audience and get them in the mood they need to be able to do certain things as well as have the right body type to do this. Some strippers have skills that are better than others and it comes naturally while others need to work at those skills in order to improve them.

The Stripper Skill Set

Every stripper needs to be able to take off their clothes and feel comfortable doing so. This is just part of the job, having people stare at you with lust in their eyes, sometimes pawing at you and wanting to be with you in every way possible. This is why there is a stage to protect the stripper from getting hurt, as well as space between them and the audience. But a stripper works on tips mostly as well as a flat rate and the better their skills the better the tips. Those skills involve a few tactics such as dancing, attractiveness, hair color, the way they strip, their voice, and charisma. Dancing and the way they move their body can entice someone more than anything else. When those clothes are on or off the way they move and gyrate their body is what will grab the attention of the audience. A girl that can use her breasts as well as her but to entice an audience is a stripper that has the moves. Of course every stripper needs to be attractive, the right muscles and tone are always the best to look at. Believe it or not certain hair colors will attract more attention, such as red hair or even colors such as blue and purple. How slowly and alluring the strip tease is, is what grabs the most results. Moving those pants or shorts slowly down the hips versus just ripping them off is sexier, and gets results. Sometimes a stripper has to talk, or sing and the voice should be as sexy as the body, otherwise don’t speak.

The last thing every stripper needs to have is charisma, at least when they are on stage or performing. Their attitude towards people can change when they are done, but when they are performing they need to be the best people person they can. It’s more than being sexy, is attracting the audience with your eyes, your body, the way you walk, and the way you flirt. That is what people are looking for in a stripper and when they find that special one that is all they want to see.

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